5 Incredibly Simple Steps To Boost Your Health

We used to think that the only way to boost our health is through diet and exercise. Well things have changed or at least we now know that it’s not entirely accurate. Besides diet and exercise there are actually other things that can do to keep our minds and bodies healthy. These are ridiculously simple things that at first glance you won’t even think of trying it out.

A very simple but effective way to improve health is to step outside and take a walk in the nearest park. If this is habit that you have been doing already, good for you, if not, you should it try it. Enjoying beautiful scenery such as nature has been found to reduce stress and lower blood pressure. It’s also an unconscious way of exercising since it allows you to just walk around and have fun.

Since we’re talking about enjoyment and fun, let me tell you that playing is good for your health. I’m not only referring to playing sports like basketball, football or badminton that allows you to sweat hard and therefore help you burn fat. I’m talking about simple activities such as playing hide and seek or enjoying a game of catch with your little ones. The enjoyment you get form playing actually helps strengthen your immune system!

Do you know that you can boost your health even while staying in the comfort of your own bed? You can do that by cuddling! Yes! Cuddling with your spouse helps your body release oxytocin. This hormone is released into the female brain during bonding times either with partner or children. It is said to improve the immune and cardiovascular system. Its counterpart is vasopressin for males.

Having a positive outlook in life can greatly affect your health according to experts. Just thinking of happy thoughts and laughing can cause your brain to release feel-good chemicals that help boost up your immune system. On the other hand, if you always feel bad about yourself you will probably have a higher risk for obesity and heart disease.

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